Call us: 020 7370 5747
Call us: 020 7370 5747

Testing & Inspection

Electrical Testing Service

WH Fox & Co are experts in testing electrical installations, with many years experience ensuring properties electrical installation is in a safe working order. All Engineers are highly qualified and are up to date with the latest equipment. Our service is very efficient. We can collect keys from an estate agent.The certificate can be sent via email PDF or by post, if it is not handed over on the day.

Electrical Testing Service

Visual Inspection Report £50.00  
One Bedroom Property £100.00  
Two Bedroom Property £100.00  
Three Bedroom Property £140.00  
Four Bedroom Property £160.00  
Five Bedroom Property £180.00  
All prices above are subject to VAT at the current rate and payment will be due on completion of work. Please call our team now to discuss your requirements.

Electrical Testing Service

A Periodic Inspection involves checking the condition of an existing electrical wiring, or electrical installation. One of our fully qualified engineers will thoroughly check your current electrical installation, and identify any deficiencies and their necessary corrections. The Periodic Inspection Report will identify:

  • any overloads in the electrical circuits/ equipment
  • potential fire hazards/ electric shock risks
  • defective electrical work
  • any lack of earthing/ bonding
  • deterioration of concealed wiring
  • All electrical installations deteriorate with age so it is essential to carry out periodic inspections.
    This type of electrical inspection will include:

  • checking the earthing and bonding
  • the condition of the wiring system, and associated fixed electrical equipment
  • the use of residual current devices (RCD)
  • any identification and notices
  • any wear and tear, damage or other deterioration
  • any changes to the premises which could impact on the electrical system

Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Maintenance: Fault-Finding

Our experienced engineers are available at short notice, and will be able to trace and repair faults such as tripped circuits or damaged accessories. We have specialist testing equipment which can be used to locate faults on cabling. With years of experience we are able to diagnose common faults very quickly.
Once the tests have been carried out, they will explain the fault, and, if appropriate, give recommendations on the suitable electrical maintenance needed. Our fully trained staff is available at short notice so do not hesitate to give us a call as soon as you notice a problem.

Electrical Maintenance: Repairs

Our fully trained engineers are very experienced in carrying out a wide range of repairs; whether it is rewiring faulty cables, replacing fittings, rewire fuse boxes, or more complicated electrical maintenance tasks. We will always take the time to talk you through the process, and to provide you both with a detailed quote and a written summary.
Electrical Faults are potentially very dangerous, so it’s vital, that once they are identified, that appropriate actions are taken to resolve them. W H Fox & Co have significant experience in repairs and electrical maintenance you can be guaranteed that our engineers will identify and resolve the fault to the highest standard whilst causing you minimum disturbance.

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